The  Team's Experience

The Carbon Asset principals have experience in GHG inventory and GHG project development work as well as verification of GHG emissions and emission reductions

Below is a summary of the experience in these major areas:

Corporate GHG Inventories

The GHG Inventory work includes the following:

-Preparation of the BGIS corporate GHG inventory under the ISO 14064-1 standard for over 15 years, undergoing third party verification and submitting the report to the CSA CleanStart
Registry. The GHG inventory has also been used for reporting to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

-Preparation of energy consumption and GHG emission calculations for the following corporate GHG inventories, all of which are used for reporting to the CDP and undergo independent verification:

 TD bank Canada and TD bank US
 BMO bank
 CIBC bank, Canada and US
 Rogers Communications
 Bank of Canada

GHG Inventories Verifications

The GHG Inventory verification work includes the following:

-100+ single building GHG inventories for the CaGBC (Canadian Green Building Council) LEED program, all posted on the CSA CleanStart Registry

-Hydro One Remote Communities (annually 2011 to 2014), posted on the CSA CleanStart Registry

-Wakefield Canada 2008, posted on the CSA CleanStart Registry

Project Document Development

Since 1998 Carbon Asset employees have been involved in the development of a number of GHG reduction projects, from modifying existing protocols to development of ISO 14064-2 conforming project documents from scratch. Including:

Highway 101 Landfill Gas Project

Carbon Asset personnel designed, built an operate this landfill gas collection, destruction and generation of electricity on the Nova Scotia grid. The project was initially posted on the Chicago
Climate Exchange, then was submitted to the CSA CleanProjects Registry and the last few years, the emission reductions have been sold privately.

The work involved modifying an existing landfill gas protocol from Alberta, quantifying the emission reductions for over 10 years (2008-2019) and undergoing third party verification.


Enersol GHG Emission Reductions via Solar Pool Heating

Carbon Asset personnel designed an ISO 14064-2 conforming project document from the ground up as there was no existing protocol. The project achieved GHG emission reductions by replacing fossil fuels used to heat swimming pools with solar thermal systems.

The emissions reductions were quantified for the 2002-2013 years, third party verified under ISO 14064-3 and posted on CSA CleanProjects Registry.


ERS International IT Asset Reuse Recycling Project

Carbon Asset personnel designed an ISO 14064-2 conforming project document from the ground up as there was no existing protocol. The project achieved GHG emission reduction by refurbishing and re-using recycling the materials from used electronics – desktop computers, smartphones, displays, etc.

The emissions reductions were quantified for the 2013 to 2021 years, third party verified under ISO 14064-3 and posted on CSA CleanProjects Registry.


The Carbon Asset Team

Evan Jones
Chief Technology Officer

Evan is a Professional Engineer with expertise as a designated trainer for all of CSA delivered GHG courses, a Certified GHG Inventory Quantifier and GHG Verifier, and Certified ISO 9001 Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor. He has expert knowledge in building energy benchmarking data analysis, having done Verification of over 75 building-based GHG inventories for LEED EAc6 Applications, all posted on the CSA CleaStart Registry.

Evan also has experience in Development and Adaptation of GHG project documents for Landfill Gas Capture and SolarSwimming Pool Heating projects, both posted on the CSA CleanProject Registry, Review of a dozen GHG reduction projects, including building energy efficiency, wind power, landfill gas, reforestation, hydroelectricity, solar PV, Integrated solar, transportation switching, biogas digester and wood waste electricity generation, under theTechnology Early Actions Measures program.

His experience also includes Peer review of agriculture projects under the Alberta Specified Gas Emitters program, Review of dozens of GHG inventories for the Canadian GHG Challenge Registry, Specialist in building energy use analysis, building energy modeling and energy savings calculations, Expert knowledge in building energy benchmarking data compilation and analysis, and is familiar with international environmental standards and requirements.

David McLennan

David McLennan was a pioneer in the field of creating, verifying, and marketing emission reduction credits (ERCs) to a third party, conducting one of the first transactions of this kind in the world, in 1999.

He has successfully completed turn-key solutions including the design, engineering, construction, commissioning, operation, and management of landfill gas to energy projects as well as the creation and sale of carbon offsets resulting from the projects.

He has over 20 years of experience collaborating on projects with public and private organizations as an assessor, researcher (feasibility studies), and authority in early involvement in projects in Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, India, China, and the Philippines.

- Member of Global Methane Initiative (GMI) 2005 -
- Member of Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) 2005
- Member of the Chicago Climate Exchange 2007 - 2009
- Member of the Board of the Canadian Environmental Market Association (CEMA). 2005 - 2007
- Member of the Pilot Emission Reduction Trading (PERT) 1998 -2002
- Co-founder of the Landfill Gas Industrial Alliance (LFGIA) - 1999

Stephen Boles
Verification Expert

Stephen has been active in the environmental community as a scientist and consultant for over 20 years. Stephen received his Master of Science degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1998 and spent the next eight years working as a scientist at one of the world’s leading climate change research centres at the University of New Hampshire. He researched how changes in the management of agriculture and forestry land uses influence GHG emissions. 

As a consultant, Stephen has led dozens of projects in the management of organizational sustainability planning and reporting. Stephen has experience working within many environmental and sustainability reporting frameworks, including SBTi, SASB, TCFD, GRI, CDP, and GHG Protocol. He has led sustainability or climate action projects for clients in numerous industry sectors, including financial and insurance, oil and gas, real estate, municipal operations, humanitarian response, and industrial manufacturing. Stephen has also led projects in carbon offset development, life cycle assessments, and risk and opportunity strategic planning. 

In addition to his experience leading projects, Stephen has volunteered as an expert committee member on several national and international working groups involved with policy and protocol development. He served on the international working group that conducted the update of the ISO 14064 GHG management standards from 2015 - 2018. Stephen is currently serving as a member of two committees led by Environment and Climate Change Canada to develop carbon offset protocols for Canada’s upcoming national carbon trading market. 

Matthew Pickup
Data Technology

Matthew is an experienced founder in technology and renewables, recently part of launching a distributed data network powered by clean energy, with Meridian DLT. He has also co-founded a tokenized carbon registry in the EU, and created an emissions tracking application to enable carbon neutral reporting.

He has worked with Large scale Tidal power developers in the Bay of Fundy, and worked with wind energy partners in the architecture of green data centres. The custom technologies in nano servers were part of recent innovations in building cloud storage solutions with extremely low power usage.

Matthew holds a commerce degree from Dalhousie University, and has worked with over one hundred companies in securing financing and contributions to expand research based innovations from Atlantic Canada.

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