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At Carbon Asset NA Inc. we ignite climate action through collaborative partnerships. We connect independent experts, project pioneers, and community voices to design efficient and innovative solutions for mitigating climate change

United by a sustainable future.

We collaborate with businesses, governments, and communities to develop impactful solutions that combat climate change. Our innovative and practical approach bridges the gap between environmental needs and achievable goals.

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Empowering Decisions:

Our independent perspective and thorough approach provide the unbiased insights you need to make informed sustainability decisions. This may support reporting, marketing, or fundraising efforts

End-to-End Solutions:

Our experience across many different sectors helps us offer comprehensive solutions. We understand the interconnectedness of these areas of climate impact and can provide services that consider the bigger picture

Net-ZERO Emissions

Pioneering the Path to Net-Zero.
We're committed to innovative solutions for making real impact. We showcase the way toward a net-zero future in everything we do and offer to our partners and clients

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Project Document Development

Our experts have meticulously verified many industrial facilities' annual GHG emission reports. This in-depth process, built on comprehensive knowledge of quantification methodologies, guarantees the accuracy of reported data


Carbon Asset conducts life cycle assessments following ISO protocols, calculating carbon footprints from operating and manufacturing activities, and carbon intensity for energy production and corporate fleet vehicles

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