Carbon Asset

Carbon Asset NA Inc. is a Canadian company that is using technology and transparency to neutralize the negative effects of climate change.


By making products carbon neutral through tracking and distribution of Carbon offsets, the Carbon Asset Platform™ (CAP) allows consumers and retailers to participate in tangible climate action.

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Highlighted Project

Carbon Neutral Coffee, with Pavia Gallery



Committing to have every cup of coffee sold be carbon neutral, Pavia Gallery has retired a Carbon Footprint of:

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What is a Carbon Neutral product?

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A Carbon Neutral product is one where its carbon footprint is offset with an equivalent amount of carbon offsets, created by renewable energy projects

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How does Carbon Asset

support climate change?

In creating demand for these green products we support renewable energy projects in creating positive climate action.

Our model supports long term relationships with developers to make more projects economically feasible. 


A consequence of this initiative is that the demand for offsets increases, encouraging  developers to expand and create more carbon emission reduction projects.

Participating Locations
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