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Carbon Asset provides an all-inclusive service that gives businesses the ability to offer their customers a carbon neutral product or service

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Customers increasingly prefer carbon neutral products and services. How can your business meet their demands?

  • Sustainable value

  • Positive marketing

  • Environmental impact

  • Meet customer demands

  • Innovative green technology solution

  • Seamless integration

  • Verified and certified carbon offsets

  • Incentive to create emission reduction projects

  • Transparent and accessible program reporting

Leveraging the latest in technological innovations, we connect sustainable impact to everyday consumer activity

Learn more about how you can implement Your Own Program

We work with organizations to develop, implement, and operate their own customized carbon neutrality program. Explore the possibilities of integrating the Carbon Asset Platform into your business.


Our Technology

We help businesses make their products and services carbon neutral 

leveraging the latest advances in Distributed Ledger Technology

through our Carbon Asset Platform (CAP)

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Motivated by their interest and concern about reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases globally, people have become more aware of the impact of the products they purchase in the environment.

In order to address this concern, Carbon Asset is offering a turnkey solution to rendering products and services carbon neutral. Retailers can now utilize Carbon Asset`s proprietary technology called the Carbon Asset Platform or CAP.

CAP is an all inclusive service that 

will render a retailer's product carbon neutral

CAP allows everyone to track and trace the entire process, from the origin of carbon offsets providers, to products, to customers, anytime, from the moment of the transaction.

All carbon offsets provided by Carbon Asset are certified by organizations of the highest international standards (ISO certified or similar).

Business can reap the benefits of the value of carbon neutral products with transparency, credibility and accountability.

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​With extensive experience in the creation of carbon offsets and leading edge distributed ledger technology, utilizing CAP, Carbon Asset can make everyone part of a localized solution in the fight against climate change through incremental changes in everyday life.


Qualification Criteria for Offsets

In lieu of the fact that there are no national guidelines or standards regarding voluntary carbon offsets, we look to be guided by the criteria for carbon credits as outlined by the David Suzuki Foundation, one of the world’s and Canada’s most respected environmental organizations as a standard for Carbon Asset.


  • The location of offset projects is an important consideration in that we source and encourage as many local projects as possible

  • We do not use forest related projects, as the verification criteria is problematic

  • All projects are certified by an internationally recognized certification standard, such as ISO 14064

  • The Carbon Asset offset program is audited by internationally accredited third party auditors

Join the Fight

"While voluntary offset programs should not be seen as a substitute for comprehensive government regulations to reduce greenhouse gases, they are a step in the right direction, and an opportunity to demonstrate leadership on climate change."

-David Suzuki Foundation