Carbon Neutral Coffee — pilot with Pavia Gallery

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While climate change and environmental sustainability are undoubtedly at the forefront of the minds of consumers and retailers alike, finding solutions with meaningful impact can sometimes be difficult.

This program that kicked off in August of 2019 in Halifax, Nova Scotia offers consumers the carbon neutral products they desire, while also supporting the growth and feasibility of emission reduction projects.

From Pavia:

"We are really excited to be pioneering this project in our spaces," says Victoria Foulger, co-owner of PAVIA. "We work really hard to make choices that make a positive impact by doing things like trying to source locally and ethically, or by using products like fairly-traded organic sugar, coffee and cocoa. Carbon off-set seems like a logical step towards being a more responsible business and making a positive environmental impact."


Each product entered into the CAP has a carbon footprint calculated, and each sale of that product has a corresponding transaction of carbon offsets being retired — neutralizing the impact of that product and it's lifecycle.


In the case of this Pavia coffee pilot program, the offsets being applied are from a local renewable energy facility which is capturing and destroying harmful greenhouse gases which would normally be entering the atmosphere.

In a full life cycle of impact, through this pilot, the cup of coffee you drink is quite literally helping you breathe cleaner air in your community. With these localized types of relationships, the Carbon Asset team aims to develop many successful partnerships and stories that deliver the rare type of impact we strive for in the pursuit of positive climate action.


About Pavia Gallery:

With two locations within the Halifax Central Library (1st floor & 5th floor), another at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the original in beautiful Herring Cove, PAVIA Gallery — Espresso Bar & Cafe (est. 2011) is a local, independent business that strives to create exceptional experiences for their guests.


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